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The ORU Network is the Ultimate Experience Network and its features include:

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ORU MARKET (sell anything you want and find any business in your area at discounts!)

ORU TRAVEL, Hotels, flights (including every major airline carrier) and Vacations (Save 20%-70% just by being a member)

ORU SOCIAL (The ultimate social network, similar to Facebook)

ORU MARKETING (Promote your product, business or online marketplace to all ORU members worldwide!)

ORU MONEY ACCOUNT (assists with the unbanked and can act similar to a bank account)

ORU Graphite PREPAID DEBIT CARD (send your ORU funds to your debit card or totally eliminate business credit card fees by accepting the ORU debit card as payment!)

ORU QUANTUM COMMUNITY CURRENCY (Better than Crypto-currency and is backed $ for $)

ORU HEALTH RX AND PRESCRIPTIONS! (Get prescriptions at up to 70% off in the US!)


All these benefits and more for ONLY $5.95 per month with NO MONTHLY CONTRACTS!

Sign up now to start taking advantage of all of ORU’s benefits!

Register for Free: https://discoveroru.com/oru.php?user=birdman82


Jim Finch