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Lisa Martiniuk
Published by: Lisa Martiniuk on 25-May-20
OK - I am Silver - How Do I Get Started

Doing quick review of just how quick and easy it is to get started with having your own business

  • Read Lesson 1, Lesson 2, and now on Lesson 3 –time 0942 hrs-



  • Bonuses 0946 hrs




  • Website Profile 0947 hrs




  • How to add your email – use Support Area 0949 hrs




  • Commissions, Bonuses, how to get paid, like clockwork on the 15th of the month – 0950 hrs




  • Workshop, Live Bootcamp Training, also always recorded if you can’t attend – 0952 hrs




  • How to Search to Find Information – 0952 hrs




  • What should I do- Stay on Lesson #3 for at least a week – 0954 hrs




  • George is there for you Live to help you every Friday morning – 0956 hrs




  • Extra Video to help you get started – 0956 hrs



  • Now get going-how to start, how to promote, how do I make money – 0957 hrs






  • Organization is Key – write everything down; your username, password – 0959 hrs




  • Promote properly - use Ad Examples – Super important, only send Free Stuff -  1000 hrs




  • Silver package is all you need, do not ever think you need to purchase anything else – 1002 hrs




  • Support – how do I use it – 1004 hrs




  • Traffic Injections – lifetime, 18 ways to promote your own program(s)/ business – 1005 hrs




Total time spent just watching -  25 mins


Value of time spent watching – well worth it

Value of time spent actually implementing/doing it – critical


As  your direct Sponsor, ultimately, this is where I “turn you over to George.”

Granted, I brought you here, I am always available via email, and definitely more than happy to set up a time, place, avenue, whether it be via skype, phone, that works for both of us.

One thing I really want you to consider is I respect that you came here for your own reasons, as did I.

I will never inundate you with “my own stuff´; other than sending you an e-book, perhaps, of what or whom  I am currently affiliated with, and advertising avenues I like.

This has worked immensely well for me. Literally, just inviting folks to join me, at what I consider Home.

Enjoy your Membership.  You not only have 24/7 access to our Live Business Center, our entire Community, but as well, …. George and Sandi, I cannot thank them enough..


  • Video #2 –How Safelists and Traffic Exchanges Work - Start time 1147



  • Safelists -1149 – I love roboform



  • Email – 1150 – Importance of using gmail and how to use it




  • How to sign up for Safelists, save your info, including your username and password  - 1155




  • Look for Promo Codes-free advertising – 1157




  • Check out banners, text ads, emailer, and how to do it properly, and benefit of Solo Ads – 1158




  • Must offer something for FREE.  Do not try to just SELL something.  Chances are it will not work, and you are just wasting your time and effort.  Learn how to market properly.




  • Traffic Exchanges – differ a bit.  Complete training video on each, and how to benefit from this.




Oh, so much automated advertising for you- (my hint – I just get these and let them run in the background- hence, making money in my sleep…well worth it, once you can afford it)


Tech Support Tickets – important just to organize yourself.

****this is my whole reason for sending you this – print it, check it off, add/revise it for yourself****


And once you are getting the results, feel free to share this with your own customers J


Wishing you every success, from your Worldpfrofit upline, direct sponsor


I hope you are now getting the idea that you truly made a wise decision to join Worldprofit for your own business/affiliate/non-profit/personal/make money online, the list goes on… interests, and will come to recognize, as I have, that, no matter what your current circumstances are..everyone needs a place to call HOME.


From my Home, to Yours