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Brought To You By
Lisa Martiniuk
Published by: Lisa Martiniuk on 27-Oct-18

I sent this to my Entire List...both Free Associates, and Silver Members.

This is Not an Ad.  This is a Direct Warning from Worldprofit Co-Founders. 

Take this seriously!!!

I trust Worldprofit wholeheartedly, and, as such,

considering this is My Home~Sweet~Home

I have ZERO Tolerance for Shady Opportunists. 

As such, I think it deserves every Social Media aspect, I can think of,

to Draw Attention, and Stomp On It Immediately.

Please Read the following below....



It has come to our attention that someone has been contacting Members by phone / email / Facebook who is posting, or claiming to be from Worldprofit,   or to be a current or former Worldprofit Member.

The person may offer to make you rich, may offer to help you with your account, or may offer to assist you with your advertising or make some other claim. They may ask for access to your account, or offer to install software on your computer to make it easier to access your account.

These people are SCAMMERS and are NOT interested in helping you. They only want to gain access to your account for the purpose of theft and / or fraud.

  • Do NOT give your Worldprofit Member area login details out to anyone.
  • Do NOT give anyone access to your PayPal account 
  • Do NOT allow anyone to install a program on your computer, or a screen sharing device called Team Viewer.
  • Do NOT EVER give anyone you don't know or trust, access to your computer.  
  • BE skeptical of an offer from an unknown source who makes you an incredible deal just because you are a Worldprofit Member. These people can be very convincing, be wary.

Worldprofit has no reason to contact you to access your account, we already have your login details now.

Worldprofit's online training and LIVE training is how we provide training and assistance and we communicate primarily with our Members via Support ticket. We provide training and support here at Worldprofit you don't need to go elsewhere. 

If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from Worldprofit requesting the kind of access described above, do NOT for any reason provide the information.  Report the incident to Worldprofit immediately by submitting a Support ticket with as many details as you can. 

If in doubt, ASK. We are here 7 days a week to help.

Sandi Hunter
George Kosch